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Vehicle Lamp Examination Kit

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Vehicle Lamp Examination Kit

The primary purpose of a vehicle lamp analysis is to determine whether the lamp was lighted or unlighted at the time of vehicle impact.  Filaments of incandescent lamps often provide the key to answering the question.  Because filaments are made of tungsten, stresses generated on them by the forces associated with a collision produce deformation and fracture phenomena with characteristic differences between hot and cold filaments.  Further evidence may arise if the glass bulb is broken during the accident. This kit includes a detailed PowerPoint lecture exploring the characteristics associated with lamps involved in accidents.

The "on" or "off" condition of various lamps may assist investigators when attempting to determine the chain of events which occurred in a vehicular collision. Head-on collisions occurring at night are traffic accidents where the analysis of headlamps and parking lamps is beneficial.  The samples included with the kit have been broken under various circumstances and allow students to examine actual "evidence".  The worksheets included with the kit will help students report their findings. 

This kit is 100% reusable and will provide years of service.

The kit includes:

  • Power Point Lecture
  • Notes to assist with teaching
  • Student Worksheets
  • 6 Vehicle Lamps with various defects for the laboratory exercise
  • One Vehicle Lamp Standard
  • Voltmeter

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